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Happy True Stories

Storytelling Just Telling

1. Sexy stories 2. Real stories

Happy true Stories

True stories from European Writer Ambiorn Happy. Stories of beauty, sex, life and death. Humoristic stories, and frightful ones.

Cartoon Jesus pulling rope after erection as man
Collage FilmSatire & Fun

Cartoon about Jesus sexlife after becomming a man and pulling a rope.

#MeToo: 35-year-old choreographer hunted to death
Just TellingReal stories

British choreographer Liam Scarlett hunted to death by neopuritan #MeToo movement.

New intern for Danish Foreign Minister
MugshotsSatire & Fun

Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod just got lucky with this new beautiful intern.

German sex in the garage
StorytellingSexy stories

A man gets married to an Asian, but he loves his German Mercedes AMG63 the most.

Happy Cartoons Funny Films
Happy Cartoons Funny Films. Online magazine 'Bogtime' is about fun and jokes. Fun about sex, life and politics. Humour from a Scandinavian perspective.

Covid-19 Victory! Every mink killed by PM Mette Frederiksen
Collage FilmSatire & Fun

Satire about Danish PM Mette Frederiksen killing all mink in Denmark in order to stop pandemic covid-19..

Satire: The Big Tech will save you! No worry, it is Bogtime
Collage FilmSatire & Fun

Bogtime: Satire about Big Tech and Facebook regulating freedom of speech.

China: Democracy is dead
Collage FilmSatire & Fun

Chinese leader Xi Jinping declares, that Western democracy is dead.

The Sex Story of Jesus (Sweet Jesus!)
Collage FilmSatire & Fun

A cartoon about Jesus sex life.

Happy Nude Art
Nude pictures with feelings and emotions

Woman's face after orgasm
Nude PhotographyOrgasm

Nude photo of woman's face after orgasm.

The juggler lost all 3 lemons
Nude PhotographyNude Model

Nude photo of female juggler who has lost her 3 lemons.

Future is a white board
PhotographyNude Model

Nude Art Photography: Picture of nude model thinking about the future.

She felt a sadness
Nude PhotographyLove

Nude photo of a girl who feels sad.

Happy Films Art & Culture
European films from real life.

Create better video with more cameras
PhotographyBehind the Scenes

Happy Films: How to create a better video with three cameras and good sound.

How to be happy City Clown in the streets of Aarhus

Happy Films: Video about three clowns in Aarhus, Denmark

Peaceful demonstration corona restriction Denmark, Aarhus
DocumentaryReal Life

Peaceful demonstration against Government covid-19 restrictions in Aarhus, Denmark

How to Slapstick Bootcamp in Denmark

Happy Films: A slapstick workshop in Aarhus, Denmark.

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