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1. Satire & Fun

Bogtime Collage Film

Cartoon: Her Lipstick of Fascism, Mette Frederiksen
Collage FilmSatire & Fun

How to kill the soul of Denmark? Mette Frederiksen (PM) has a plan. To decapitate all Danish art and culture.But one thing she forgot. Danish people don't accept her tyranny. Her lipstick of fascism.

Cartoon Jesus pulling rope after erection as man
Collage FilmSatire & Fun

It was the first action of Jesus to pull a rope, after his erection as man. This is the true story about Jesus sexlife.

The Sex Story of Jesus (Sweet Jesus!)
Collage FilmSatire & Fun

The resurrection - or erection - of Jesus. The true story as published by online magazine 'Bogtime'. A film made by Ambiorn Happy

China: Democracy is dead
Collage FilmSatire & Fun

In a statement from Chinese Precident Xi Jinping, the Western democracies are doomed."Democracy is dead", Xi Jinping says to online magazine Bogtime.The Western democracies died because their leaders refused to defend liberty of speach and basic human rights.Long live China Republic.

Satire: The Big Tech will save you! No worry, it is Bogtime
Collage FilmSatire & Fun

The Big companies will save you! When life is though, they will make you choose the right path. No worry!

Thank you Marc Zuccerberg for reviewing this non-factual piece of fiction, called satire.
Thanks for censoring our questionable freedom and our right to choose life.

Collage Film Ambiorn Happy
Thank you Big Business
Music Bensound.com

Satire: Sexy Black Man in Hunger Relief Africa
Collage FilmSatire & Fun

Captain Mouse. He is on a mission. Delivering that food to the hungry people. Learning the starving sexy man, how to cook a good meal for himself.

Collage Film Ambiorn Happy
Thank you Rashid Walker, Voss, Captain Mouse, US Airforce.

Covid-19 Victory! Every mink killed by PM Mette Frederiksen
Collage FilmSatire & Fun

Danish PM Mette Frederiksen has successfully won the battle against covid-19. She just killed all Danish mink in a horrific battle with no prisoners. Bare handed, and with a deadly weapon of mass destruction in hand, the brave woman killed the bastards.Satire from Bogtime: Queen kills all mink in Denmark. Satire with Mette Frederiksen, premiere minister, and Hollywood star Jason Statham.

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